What goes into creating a great blog? If you have a topic you enjoy talking about, you should have no problem writing about the same topic. Write like you talk, be personable and organized and the blog will be done in no time. Here are a few things to think about when working on a blog.

Be Consistent

Use the same color scheme and fonts that you have used on your website on your blog. Don’t jump aroBlogund too much. Keep things consistent in order for your clients to recognize your band.

Make Commenting Easy

Having a commenting section directly below your blog entry will prompt your clients to leave a comment as soon as they are done reading. Try not to make your clients have to look around for where to comment if they wish too.

Social Media

Be sure to have your social media icons on your blog page. Even better have them near the top of your page. If a client or customer is happy with what they are reading, chances are they will want to follow you on other forms of social media. Make it easy for them to find you on any social media platforms you use.

Create Categories

When selecting a category for your blog post, think about who will be looking for this article. If you have too many categories, people may give up and stop looking for what they wanted. Keep your category list to 10 or less. This is just a small portion of what goes into making a blog successful. Keep your blog easy to navigate and give it that personable touch we all know you have.