Photography & Video Taking Photos is More than Clicking a Button

Location, people and product

1-Stop can get precisely the images you need for your print or website design project from our vast network of online sources and regional photographers. Our artisan level Photoshop staff will always put your brand imagery in the best possible light. Anyone can take a photo with their phone…that doesn’t mean it should be their website or LinkedIn profile photo.

Our photography includes but is not limited to:
Medical, architectural, travel, commercial and portrait photos.

We create Product Instruction videos, Instructional Training and Safety videos, for businesses.

We can handle every phase of a video production from helping to develop the concept and writing the script to casting the actors, shooting, editing and distribution. We work with businesses of all sizes to create quality video programs, on budget and on time.

A skillfully produced video is one of the most effective ways to train your sales staff and your customers on how your product works. We work with you to create a concise script with relevant images and supporting graphics and add professional narration. Instructional videos can reduce training time and costs while ensuring both trainee and staff receive the exact same information.

  • Company Profiles
  • Product Demonstration
  • Training Videos and Tutorials
  • Testimonials
  • Non-profit
  • Educational Institutions

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