Website Design & Development Integrated Solutions to Get You Results

Build it and they will come? Not necessarily.

Whether you need to increase sales, attract qualified leads or improve your customer relationships, 1-Stop develops solutions that leverage extraordinary design aesthetics, integrated media marketing tactics, search engine optimization (SEO) and analytic enhancements.

Solutions and How We Can Help!

  • Responsive Website Design and Website Development
  • A La Carte Web Production Services
  • Website Hosting
  • Webmail Client Options
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management (PPC)
  • Ecommerce & Customized Shopping Carts
  • Cross Media Marketing
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Intranets, Extranet, Document Management, Online Collaboration
  • 5 Step Solution

Website Design & Development

We build well-organized, beautiful websites that get results for our clients—results such as increased sales conversions, better brand positioning, enhanced customer relationship management and increased engagement. We build sites that distinguish themselves on every device on which they’re being viewed. We design with the user in mind, knowing that an increasing number of people view websites from their phones and other mobile devices. Your site will give you a professional look with elegant interfaces on all platforms.

  • Full site redesign
  • Web design for in-house or third-party implementation
  • Custom Flash animation & information graphics
  • Ongoing site maintenance
  • Usability design, website usability testing & user interface design
  • Banner Ad Design
  • Logo & Graphic design

A La Carte Web Production Services

Do you have an in-house design team? Already have an agency you’re working with? Looking for an HTML shop to turn your designs into reality? We can help. Our business philosophy and collaborative team structure allows us to fit seamlessly into your existing relationships.

Our expertise includes:

  • Coordinating with and taking direction from existing design/creative teams. We’re always easy to work with and we’re 100% design prima donna free.
  • Converting Photoshop and Illustrator files into clean, fast code.
  • Performing related work on information architecture, visuals and graphics—if needed.
  • Representing your creative team and presenting at client meetings.
  • Doing any or all of the above and just staying out of your way.

Website Hosting

Tired of voicemail trees and endless technical “support” loops? Tired of servers loaded with hundred of sites all competing for resources, any one of which could take you down for days? Switch to dedicated 1-Stop hosting, exclusively for clients of our design and development services.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine ranking is essential to building your online business profitability as well as building a strong brand image. SEO ensures your website will receive relevant, targeted visitors through Google, Yahoo and MSN as well as other search engines.

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Email Marketing

In the right hands (read, “1-Stop’s”) email marketing provides potent direct marketing influence, giving your business borderless reach, boosting your brand building, stimulating your sales and strengthening the relationships you have with your employees, suppliers, prospects and customers.

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E-Commerce & Customized Shopping Carts

Product databases, secure certificates, payment processing, back-end integration, driving traffic…and a lot more. There are a lot of things that need careful thought in order to present a storefront over the web that drives results.

We’ll be your partner for the soup-to-nuts implementation of your eCommerce plans. We have expertise in:

  • Custom storefronts
  • PayPal, Google Checkout, Shopify and Yahoo! Store
  • Subscription-based services
  • Custom product configurators and wizards
  • Backend integration to accounting systems
  • Integration to Salesforce and other Web services
  • Take your commerce to the next level

Cross Media Marketing Need to acquire leads, increase sales, capture critical business data, act on it and secure customer loyalty in real-time, in no time, online and across all media channels?

1-Stop Convergent Mail Shop allows you to do all of the above and then some, a lot easier than you’d think. 1-Stop Convergent Mail Shop represents the ultimate direct marketing tool for today’s online-empowered marketers.
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Content Management Systems (CMS)

How to make changes and additions to you website without all the heavy lifting.
No waiting. No special programming knowledge is required. And no invoice will ever follow because our CMS solutions empower you to take control.

The Three Steps to 1-Stop CMS Empowerment:

  • Login to your website via any computer.
  • Make the changes and tweak in real time: add images, add text, add pages simply, easily and quickly.
  • Save and publish in one click.

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Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management (PPC)

1-Stop is well-versed in the creation, implementation and ongoing execution of successful, optimized pay-per-click campaigns. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls a mismanaged PPC campaign can bring. PPC advertising is a great way to deliver targeted, relevant traffic to your website and should be an integral part of any search engine marketing campaign.

1-Stop provides all the services necessary to successfully run a profitable pay-per-click campaign that meets your ROI goals and budget.

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Intranets, Extranet, Document Management, Online Collaboration

Developed, designed and managed astutely, your intranet and extranet sites become indispensable brand assets, strengthening relationships with those closest to your company, namely your employees, clients and vendor-partners.
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