Social Media No, you don't have enough "friends"!

Social media tools can be used to engage, reach and target your audience. Facebook alone has over 1 billion users, while Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn all have reached over 200 million users.

1-Stop Design Shop knows how social media has grown over the years. Almost everyone finds a reason to use social media. Together this creates a big opportunity for your business to reach your market. Social media connects you directly with your target audience.

1-Stop Design Shop will help develop a social media strategy based upon your goals and visions.

We will create a plan to keep you active in the social media world by managing your all social media profiles. 1-Stop Design will work on building your followers and fan base by engaging with them directly. By advertising through social media, we can use the platforms to connect your product or service to your customers.

Social media marketing allows consumers to have information readily available. Each social media platform is different, that is why each requires a different strategic approach. 1-Stop Design Shop can manage your social media marketing across many platforms and increase your online presence by using each platform to its fullest capabilities. We will identify and create content for your social media that will enhance the focus on your service or brand.

1-Stop Design Shop will:

  • Analyze what networks your business is currently using or should be utilizing.
  • Optimize the platforms with photos, bios, URLs, cover images, etc.
  • Compare your profiles to your competitor’s

Once the research is done, with the networks and profiles complete, we will get started on building an engaging content strategy for your social channels. We do this by using videos, photos, specials, infographics or related tips worked into your business objectives.

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