Delaney Hennigan

Office Assistant | Indentured Rockstar

Delaney was born and raised in Woburn, Massachusetts. At seventeen she started working at 1-Stop Design as a senior at Woburn Memorial High School. After graduation she continued to work here and took on more responsibilities. She has a keen eye for numbers and will find any inconsistency that most might overlook. She quickly became our “Numbers Ninja” but due to currently only working part-time she has passed that title to Chrissy. She is now the “Indentured Rockstar” doing the time tracking and whatever the staff needs so things move better. In addition to working at 1-Stop Design, working full-time at Beauty Republic in Woburn, as a licensed esthetician. She is a graduate of Catherine Hinds school, with the highest certificate in Esthetician that they offer.

Things she loves: caramel ice coffee, dogs, organizing, YouTube, cleaning

Things she doesn’t like
: mornings, other people on the road, and unorganized things

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