Christine Hennigan

Principal + Creative Director | Chief Inspiration Officer

Meet Chris, the problem solver on the team (and also the owner), she turns our client’s (sometimes crazy) ideas into reality. She started the business over 29 years ago out of her house and it now resides in a 3,200 sq foot facility in Woburn, MA. Involved in every project that is at 1-Stop, she oversees every step of the process and works closely with all the clients. She is also the main sales person, handling project assignments as jobs come in.

Chris earned her BFA in graphic design with a minor in photography from Montserrat College of Art and her MFA in graphic design at Boston University.  She balances a successful career with motherhood and a busy lifestyle. An active member of the Massachusetts Urban Search Rescue US&R Team, Chris is the Lead Technical Information Specialist for the team which responds to major disasters under a contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Chris enjoys spending time with her teenage son and daughter and her two black labs, both rescues and loves to travel. Some of her favorite trips have been hiking in Turkey, Argentina, the Canadian Rockies and Colorado Rockies.

Things she loves: Her kids, dogs, chai tea, typefaces, jeans & sneakers, the beach
Things she doesn’t like: Coffee, being cold, painful shoes, ugly design, rude people
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Chris Hennigan - Creative Director | PresidentChris Hennigan - Creative Director | President

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