Email Marketing Don't be a Spammer. Instead be an Influencer.

In the right hands, email marketing provides potent direct marketing influence, giving your business borderless reach, boosting your brand building, stimulating your sales and strengthening the relationships you have with your employees, suppliers, prospects and customers.

1-Stop can help you turn your business goals into email campaigns that brand, communicate, interact, sell and build loyal community to deliver enhanced ROI. 1-Stop provides significant experience and expertise in the areas of strategy, best practices, creative services and technology to create predictable success prior to your first email send.

Why Email? The Benefits

Email marketing, utilizing a permission-based database and qualified mailing lists, provides the ability to distribute information to a wide range of specific, potential customers at a relatively low cost.

  • Compared to other media investments such as direct mail or printed newsletters, e-mail is less expensive.
  • Your exact return on investment can be tracked. Email marketing is second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic.
  • The delivery time for an e-mail message is short (i.e., seconds or minutes) as compared to a mailed appeal(i.e., one or more days).
  • E-mail messages are easy to track via autoresponders, web bugs, bounce messages, unsubscribe requests, read receipts, click-through’s, etc. These mechanisms can be used to measure open rates, positive or negative responses, and to correlate sales with marketing.
  • You can generate repeat business affordably and automatically.
  • Email fosters real-time interaction—messages can trigger other messages to be delivered automatically,or other events, such as updating the profile of the recipient to indicate a specific interest category.
  • Email marketing is paper-free (“green”).

Put 1-Stop’s Managed Email Influence (MEI) Program To Work for You

Managed Email Influence (MEI) exemplifies 1-Stop’s strategy of developing relationships with customers and prospects to create personalized marketing campaigns. MEI hits your stakeholders’ inboxes with timely, relevant email communications based on sound strategic planning and a solid email delivery technology platform.

MEI begins with defining objectives and determining the most effective ways to reach stakeholders, and ends with analyzing the success of the campaign. 1-Stop utilizes its T@ct technology to send mass personalized emails, as well as ensuring the design aesthetics of the emails. Managed Email Influence offers full compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, maximizing deliverability ethically.

Strategic Planning

We create a plan with you to accomplish your goals. Shotgun approaches simply don’t work. We help you find your audience and advise on targeting your messages with appropriate creative and content for the highest rates of return.

Database Marketing-Capture Your Audience

With our help, you can use database marketing to create fully personalized email communications. Gather information online and then use it to segment people into groups in order to target them more effectively. All data gathered online is stored in your database and can be used to pre-populate forms and start familiar dialogue with your audience. Keep in mind that great database marketing campaigns intelligently integrate traditional offline marketing with an online element or campaign website. We’ll work with you to determine the right strategies for putting your data to work for you. We’ll also help you create effective interactive campaigns that build brand loyalty, pre-qualify sales leads, segment responders according to custom business rules, and create interaction with your audience for on-going market research.

Copywriting, Email Design and Production

A solid, clutter-busting concept, compelling copy and great design are paramount to catch the eye of an email recipient and intrigue them enough to take action. However, even the most incredible email will fall short if no one sees it. Our years of experience equip us with the knowledge to design and produce HTML emails that get opened, read and clicked on.

Email Distribution and Tracking

Once your email is good to go, we empower you to upload it to T@ct, our email system, for improved ROI. With the click of a button, your email is broadcast to your list, big or small. From there, our T@ct tracking system takes over. T@ct tracks send/receive, open/read, click-through, bounce, unsubscribe, and send-to-a-friend rates, all in an easy to understand interface.

Reporting and Analysis

We follow through on all campaigns with summary reporting of overall results, observations and recommendations for future online marketing communications.

How We Reach the Inbox

The most critical point of email marketing is making sure your email reaches the inbox itself. Research firms estimate that an average of 15% of all legitimate email is not delivered to the user’s inbox–a problem that plagues email marketers.

1-Stop combats low deliverability by collaborating with proven, select technology partners that provide the platforms to make it all possible. These tools provide us with the means to minimize and eradicate deliverability issues. Increased deliverability means higher conversion rates across your campaign.

Personalize your Influence

1-Stop’s email marketing platform, T@ct, generates highly personalized communications designed to drive stakeholder conversion. As a component of our managed email influence strategy, T@ct provides the technological foundation that enables our team to create and deliver profile driven emails. While 1-Stop offers client partners our T@ct Email Marketing Platform, our email services are platform independent. We will assist your organization in implementing an email program on any platform.

T@ct System Features

  • Smart Lists – Automate segmentation of users into groups based on user behavior and relationship profile.
  • Dynamic Content – Deliver fully customized emails with personalized text and graphics.
  • Viral Marketing – Incorporate referral and loyalty marketing programs. Integrate with electronic event invitations.
  • Event Triggered Communication – Trigger automatic messaging based on predetermined dialogue lattices.
  • Tracking – Review statistics on email links, opens and bounces for Text and HTML emails in real time.
  • Auto Double Opt-In – Deploy automatic sign-up confirmation emails for double opt-in security.

T@ct is an enterprise level application capable of processing millions of emails per day. The system can be integrated into your organization’s existing customer relationship management system.

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