Eric Francis

Junior Web Developer | Code Wizard

Say hello to Eric, our coding virtuoso with a touch of creativity. Armed with an associate degree in computer science and seasoned by hands-on boot camp experience and a coding apprenticeship, Eric is our trusted WordPress Web Developer. He has refined his skills at Massasoit Community College, becoming adept in data structures, algorithms, and software design, while also mastering the art of crafting efficient code.

During his tenure at Launch Academy, Eric excelled as an Apprentice Fullstack Developer. Notably, his project “Hurt Box” stands out as a dynamic vocabulary test fighting game, showcasing Eric’s technical and creative potential. This endeavor skillfully combines Ruby on Rails, React, Nokogiri, and CSS.

Eric’s achievements also encompass “The Morning T,” a collaborative project that improved MBTA stop navigation. Furthermore, he demonstrated his capacity to revitalize older code with fresh techniques in “Drip,” a weather app suggesting outfits based on forecasts, ingeniously employing React Hooks. With Eric, you benefit from the seamless blend of technical skill and artistic flair, ensuring innovative solutions for your projects.

Things he loves: Magic the Gathering, Keyboards, Matcha, Video Games, Music, “So Bad They’re Good” Movies
Things he doesn’t: Burnt Coffee, Messy Code, Brussel Sprouts
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