Print & Branding Design and Corporate Identity is Our Specialty

Effective graphic design is vital to success.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Lasting impressions that cultivate ROI are nurtured on frequency, consistency and familiarity.

1-Stop delivers the proven branding expertise to make your business stand out in the crowd, help you reach your growth goals and build your business’s bottom line profitability.


Identity / Logo Design

Your logo is your company, your product, your service and ultimately, your business’s essence. It determines how people will perceive your business, remember your business and use your business. It is the single most powerful and visible symbol of your company’s brand. It evokes an emotional and rational response. It distinguishes you in the crowded mind of the marketplace. Think GE, Nike and Google. Think 1-Stop. We can help.


Your brand (and your logo that represents it) is a promise – a promise to deliver certain benefits every time. Your brand is an intangible asset that occupies some of the most expensive real estate in the world – very small niches in the hearts and minds of your prospects and customers. We can help you build, reinforce, enhance and integrate your brand equity across a variety of channels consistently.

Sales Collateral, Brochure & Catalog Design

Tactile. Tangible. Persuasive. Provide your prospects and customers with something “real” that they can hold in their hands to read wherever they want, whenever they want and share with others. The competitive advantage of a well designed and exquisitely printed piece should not be underestimated – especially as marketing grows increasingly ethereal due to the internet. We can help you get real, stay real and infuse self-serve downloadable collateral with a design that always preserves your brand’s integrity.

Print Advertising

The reports of its death are a bit premature. We provide creative concepts on strategy, flawless execution and pinpoint media placement in magazines, newspapers, posters and/or billboards. Savvy marketers continue to utilize print advertising to reach their target prospects effectively and efficiently. We can show you how to best integrate it with your online tactics.

Direct Mail

Direct mail touches people every day. It’s targeted – to focus on those most likely to respond. It’s personalized – to better appeal and persuade. It’s flexible – to offer you options in production, formats and costs. It’s tangible – to encourage interaction and engage prospects. It’s measurable – you can count it, track it, collect more information with it and adjust it to improve subsequent results. It’s convergent – you can use it to drive prospects online and use it to fulfill online requests.

Newsletter Design

A newsletter gains your readers’ respect by establishing your organization as a credible authority. You can provide targeted content that is useful and interesting to your readers and their businesses. It’s an effective tactic to bring down the first barriers towards a potential sale and build firmer bonds with existing clients. We can help you design, implement and manage your newsletter campaign.


Your packaging is your product. We’ll help you integrate your brand, conveyed by the materials, graphic design elements, shape and color to help move prospects to trial and assure your customers.

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