Ellie Tou Hennigan

Giver of Love | Greeter

Meet Ellie!
Ellie looks and acts like a puppy but is actually 4 years old last June, 2020. She grew to 33 lbs and stopped (her brother in Texas is 75 lbs.) She is our Client Greeter, although that role is quickly being taken over by her new sister Luna. Ellie was rescued by Chris at 4.5 months old and has been glued to her hip every since. She comes to work with her everyday.

We have multiple dog beds throughout the different offices, warehouse and showroom and she enjoys them all. You’ll frequently find her hiding underneath one or laying belly up waiting for someone to come by and pay her some attention. She is the sweetest girl and very obedient. We are hoping some of the obedience rubs off on her sister!

What she dislikes
Luna taking every toy, treat, water and Mum from her. Luna despite a rare moment.
What she loves
Her family including her 1-Stop family, hiding under the covers, treats and every visitor (but the mailman).


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