The mechanical keyboard rabbit hole is a deep one, and with thousands of options for keyboards, it’s easy to just close your eyes, throw a dart, and see where it lands. However, as silly as it sounds, a keyboard doesn’t only affect your typing; it affects the people around you and their ability to concentrate. When picking a new keyboard for the office, there are a few things you should know…

Not all keyboards feel and sound the same.

If you’re like us, spending countless hours at your dependable keyboard to tackle tasks, why not transform it into a truly satisfying experience? Imagine, with each keystroke, you feel the gratifying click of this engineering marvel, a sound that’s like music to your ears. It’s just one more way we can elevate our daily lives and infuse our own unique personality into our workspace.

When it comes to keyboard customization, the two most common forms are keycaps and switches. Today we’ll be diving into switches. This point of customization concerns the touch, feel, and most significantly, the sound of your keystrokes.

There are three types of switches to consider:

  1. Linear Keyboards: The quietest option that your peers will appreciate but might not provide the most satisfying feel.
  2. Clicky Keyboards: This is a bold choice; your keypresses will resonate throughout the office. This type of switch also offers the most pronounced resistance when pressed.
  3. Tactile Keyboards: The Hybrid, Tactile switches typically produce a more “hollow” sound, akin to playing with blocks. These switches mimic the sensation of placing your finger on your knuckle and sliding downward.


Being in an industry where I am constantly on my computer, I’ve become very particular about what I like to type on. – Eric Francis, Junior Web Developer at 1-Stop Design


Eric’s Desk

Office Keyboard Etiquette Don’ts

There is a fourth option that most mechanical keyboard enthusiasts avoid like the plague: Membrane Keyboards. 🤢

These are used in most office settings and are a safe choice to not rustle any feathers with your awesome typing skills. However, with membrane keywords, you get what you get, and there’s no room for customization. We believe your trusty keyboard companion should be uniquely yours! Dare to be different, and dive down the custom keyboard rabbit hole with us.

Looking to be a keyboard nerd but not sure where to start?

Here are Eric’s favorite go-to resources for custom keyboards to get you started…

Akko | Designer for Mechanical Keyboards (

Keychron | Wireless Mechanical Keyboards for Mac, Windows and Phones

Mechanical Keyboards | Drop | Incredibly Sleek Custom Keyboards

Final Thoughts: Custom Keyboards

There is no one switch to rule them all; it is all personal preference. However, if you are working in an open environment with your coworkers close by, you might want to avoid going for a clicky keyboard. A quieter tactile or linear switch could be the perfect solution to spice up your typing experience while respecting your fellow officemates.