LinkedIn is primarily for networking with other professionals, but it’s also a great resource for businesses to connect with other businesses, prospective employees, and industry leaders. You can choose between a personal profile and business page and both have free or paid options.

Personal Profile and Background Photo

You should have a respectable, professional photo of yourself for your personal LinkedIn profile.

On LinkedIn, the background photo replaces the “cover photo” at the top of your profile page. As an oblong shape, it can be difficult to find the right image that fits the space – that’s where creating your own visuals comes in handy.

Business Logo

The standard logo for a business account is a small square at the top of the profile page that is displayed next to your company’s name.

The square logo is what people see when they search for your company or see your posts in their news feed.

Business Cover and Banner Photo

Instead of a background, you can have a cover photo on a business page that stretches across your profile underneath your logo and company name.

Bonus Tip: Use a photo of your employees or your business’ building as a banner photo – and avoid random stock photos. For background photos, it’s usually best to choose something subtle that doesn’t distract too much from the content of your profile.