As you startup your new business, you may not have a big, bursting budget, but your logo is not where you should try to cut costs. There are hundreds of logo generators ready to make one for you, but it’s not enough. It will be generic and meaningless. That is why hiring a professional is a golden rule of creating a truly memorable logo. Most people like to think they have a some kind of knack for creativity. However, you are paying someone else to help you, so take their input and opinion into consideration. It’s their job to create the best logo for your brand.

Pay attention and make the creative process a discussion, not a series of instructions and demands. There is one important rule: know what you want. It may be up to the designer to translate your brand’s image and message into a logo, but it’s up to you to decide your business’ values. They cannot offer high-quality services unless you understand what your startup represents.

Finding a logo is no easy task. It represents your business which could set the tone for the entire company. Take comfort in the fact that choosing a logo for your startup should be challenging. If it’s easy, there’s probably something you’re doing wrong.

1-Stop Design Shop can design your logo for your start up or redesign a logo for your current business.  We have done many logos for various types of companies, see some of our work here.