New Year Resolutions: Some dread them and others love them. It’s hard to decide what we want/hope to accomplish over the next year. Here is a list of a few ideas that may be helpful in making you a more successful graphic or web designer next year (and for the rest of your career.)

  1. Graphic designers, code your first web site
  2. Web designers, design your first set of business cards, a logo, or a poster
  3. Design and code your first WordPress theme
  4. Learn the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator
  5. Try out some sort of new online social media.
  6. If you freelance, raise your rates.
  7. Find new and better ways to connect with clients
  8. Study typography more in depth and apply it in your designs
  9. Try a color scheme you have never even imagined
  10. If you are a freelancer, try an office job. If you are in the office, try freelancing.
  11. Get all the info you need from your client by asking the right questions
  12. Start a blog or write for other blogs
  13. Get involved in the online community
  14. Take up a new hobby that doesn’t involve design
  15. Update your portfolio
  16. Create an online portfolio or print portfolio if you don’t have one
  17. Give speeches at your local Chamber of Commerce
  18. Subscribe to top design blogs and frequently read from their feeds
  19. Follow top designers on twitter and interact with them
  20. Save for that dream computer you’ve always wanted
  21. Learn how to market yourself
  22. Have confidence in your work.
  23. Redesign something just for fun
  24. Be a little more patient with your most annoying clients
  25. Embrace Failure. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or admit your don’t know something
  26. Clean your desktop off
  27. Organize your time and be more efficient