LinkedIn is a great network to connect with people.  Sharing content on LinkedIn is easy but can also be misunderstood as to how to share content.

The biggest mistake people make on LinkedIn occurs when people share content. Did you know there is a difference between a “Post” and an “Article”? People use the Article tool when they really should have been using the Post tool to share just a few sentences of content.

Why should you be sure to post the right content to where?  Well, the obvious reason is because your network will be reading your content.  Sharing your content on the incorrect area will make you look like you are not sure what LinkedIn is used for and you wouldn’t want to taint your brand.

When sharing something with your LinkedIn network, you have a few options: write an article, share an image/video, or share an idea. But, what do you choose and when?

 1. “Share an idea,” the most basic way to “Post,” is the best choice if you are sharing third party content with your network such as a link to a website or article, research, etc. You would click into the space above that reads “Share an article, photo, video or idea, and begin writing your short message. Best practice is to write an original thought or reaction to the content you are sharing and/or introduce the piece AND then link to it by copying the URL and pasting it into your message. Once your message is the way you’d like it, you hit the blue button that says “Post.”


2. “Upload a photo” is most commonly used to share a photo of your own, such as a meme, a photo from an event or to talk about a new product, etc. For an extra  tip: Use Upload a photo with a URL to take advantage of the larger visual space. Leave the URL in the message this time, but add a photo too!

 3. “Write an article” should be used when writing your own blog or article as it will live on LinkedIn’s blogging platform, Pulse.  Articles should generally be in longer form vs. a “Post,” which means they should be anywhere from about 400 words to 2,000+, and they should answer a question, explore an issue, and/or provide insights to the reader. You can always add links within your content to third party research, blogs, etc., to add credibility or to refer to an external piece, but the majority of the content in a post should be your own original thoughts.

So good rule of thumb is to “Post” an update when your message is short and/or links to third party content, the same goes for “Upload a photo”. If your message is longer than just a paragraph and is your own thoughts, use “Write an article.”