So back in April, some scrambled to get their website mobile-friendly.  If it wasn’t responsive, it had to be done because Google was going to send out a new algorithm that indicated everyone’s website needed to be mobile-friendly or their search results would take a turn for the worst.  Since the deadline date, no one has really seen any change in rankings.  Responsive or otherwise. Google may have just been sending out all the hypresponsive_web_design_500x303e to get some slow pokes moving.  Mobile sites are really not new and you should have had your site responsive by now. This really is a no brainer when it comes to websites.  Build responsive.  Most people are looking at sites through their mobile devices more than ever. Maybe the reason no one has seen a big jump or shifts from the mobile algorithm, is because everyone who works on and thinks about their website on a regular basis, updated their websites to a responsive site years ago.  While there has been a slight increase in mobile-friendly sites (4.7%) it doesn’t make for a huge shift and all the hype.