Enabling location data on your tweets lets Twitter users recognize when they’re in close proximity to your business.

They may be ready to buy from you at that point, and turning it on will let users click on the location marker icon on your tweet to find out where your business is located. That’s one step closer to a sale.

The tweeting with your location feature is disabled by default. To turn it on, compose a tweet and then click on Location Disabled. In the pop-up box that appears, click Turn Location On.

Twitter will then suggest a location. If you want to choose something different, click the location marker, and then choose a location from the menu or enter a location in the search field at the top of the menu.

Your Turn Location On settings are saved, so the next time you compose a tweet, your location information will be added automatically to the tweet.

After you publish your tweet, your location will be displayed when it appears in users’ timelines.