Get ahead of the competition and stay up-to-date with the latest UX design trends. We’ve gathered our favorite UX trends of 2023, all of which focus on placing the user at the center of the experience. From immersive technology to personalized UX, these trends are sure to give you an edge in the field. Keep reading to learn more about the best UX trends of 2023!

Top UX Trends of 2023

Personalized Experiences

Curated show recommendations from Netflix, shopping suggestions on Instagram, and pre-made playlists on Spotify… These are just a few examples that prove we live in an age of hyper-personalization.

“The goal is no longer just to improve customer satisfaction: it’s to curate a meaningful experience. Designers are adapting themselves to the users’ personal needs, and trying to communicate on a personal level that respects the user while producing an emotional feeling.”

Data Visualization

In 2022, more brands will be on the hunt for data that can improve interaction with their products, and in general have a positive impact on users’ lives. Placing the value on the user, we’ll also see an emphasis placed on trendy aesthetics.

Spotify’s in-app experience Only You displays a colorful and trendy visual language to make personalized music suggestions for users, featuring users’ top streamed artists of the year, etc.

Spotify Wrapped

Dark Mode

This is not a new trend: dark mode has already been used for years in programs like Apple, YouTube and Google—but it’s becoming more of a default in UX, since users and designers alike seem to prefer it.

It’s not just about the aesthetic, though, “Dark mode is part of an overall attempt to de-stress the user at a time when we spend more time looking at our screens. White screen mode reflects light, black doesn’t, so it’s easier to read things”


From the once revolutionary “like button” to a scroll bar that shows you where you are on a page, micro-interactions are small visual movements that have a large impact on UX design.

“Now nothing can be static, because it gives an out-of-date vibe. Users need to know that you are out there.”

Clean User Interfaces (with a twist)

Now that we’re in 2022, we’ve all seen that clean web design aesthetic enough times to want more. Add a dynamic twist or deviation from the clean web aesthetic to bring your UX into 2023.

“For the past few years, creating clean programs with generic, flat designs has been a trending style,” says Santo, “But now we’ll see that even designs that are flat will incorporate small elements that jump out.”

UX Trends 2023

Augmented or Virtual Reality

“The revolutionary shift toward virtual and augmented reality is a phenomenon that intensified with Covid quarantines and the timely establishment of Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse.”

All types of technical and artistic mediums are pushing to be more “immersive”. For example, Apple Airpods Spatial Audio and Meta’s Virtual Reality attempt to break into the 4th-dimension. Or something as robust as Home Depot’s visualizer, which allows users to see what their products would look like in their homes.

The best UX design trends of 2023 show users that you’re really there behind the glass. The personalization of technology and UX design is set to take over this year, and we can’t wait to see how new personalized UX inspires.

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