Can good UX design increase conversions like on-page purchases, signups, shares & more? Yes.

The opposite is also true – poor UX will send users into flight mode!

Read on to see our list of top UX design trends that increase conversions…

UX Design Trends that Increase Conversions

Design Tips: UX Designs that Increase Conversions by 1-Stop Design ShopDesign Tips: UX Designs that Increase Conversions by 1-Stop Design ShopDesign Tips: UX Designs that Increase Conversions by 1-Stop Design Shop

  • Voice Communication is more engaging and can be easier to use than text. Chatbots with voice-enabled communication are only going to become more popular with the inception of Alexa, Google Home, etc.
  • 3D UX Design Never Fails to Impress. Although this trend is not new by any means, there is still a lot of room for improvement and interesting ideas to discover. For this, all you need is a JavaScript library such as three.js, which allows you to render your 3D elements and create an interactive UX.
  • Micro-Interactions. Which Are the Most Useful?
    • Color-coding different sections and states of your digital product with a smooth transition
    • Adding an animation while your application is loading up
    • Animated slider with 3D hover-over objects (mostly used for homepages)
    • A cursor that transforms when hovered over certain elements
    • Reactive animated buttons
  • Sacrificing Perfection for Uniqueness – There is no short supply of pristine websites, but how many of those push the boundaries to make something memorable to users? “Using exciting layouts, effects, typography and other design elements with the combination of minimalism is the new UX trend.”

Having a fully-functioning website can be the difference between your customers loving your brand, purchasing your products, or absolutely hating their first-time experience on your website. Give your future customers the great user experience they deserve.

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