We work on computers all day; we may spend hours looking at fonts, downloading and installing them each week. Here is how to download some free fonts for yourself.

First you need to choose your fonts. A favorite site for free fonts is dafont.com. There are so many fonts to choose from, it can get overwhelming, but they have lots of categories to help you narrow it down.

Depending on your computer, you will need to find the folder the font downloaded to, whatever your default download folder is. Sometimes it will automatically pop up once the file has been downloaded. Because the files are large, they are downloaded in “zipped” (or compressed) files, and the font file needs to be extracted. You can right click on the file and select “Extract all.”

Once extracted, another file folder will pop up. At this point, you’re almost finished. Right click on the font and select “Install.” Then you’re done! You can now use your free fonts to pretty up your pictures, flyers, and more.

Another method would be to “drag and drop” once the files are extracted. You would need to find your fonts folder, by opening up the control panel (start menu > control panel > fonts). Once both folders are open you can drag the font file to the font folder.