Facebook has about 500 million active users each day. All that activity is prime real estate to advertise your business. Does your business page stand out? What does it take to get noticed and keep fans and customers coming back to your page? Here are the businesses that we feel really stand out on Facebook, and what exactly it is that makes them so captivating. Take a cue from the best and find out what you should be doing for your business page.

1. Condescending Corporate Brand Page I started with this page so you know exactly what not to do! This page demonstrates exactly what not to do as a corporate business Facebook page in a hilarious way. It pokes fun at different tactics businesses use to get followers on Facebook. Don’t underestimate people. We can always tell when things are not so genuine. Being real and down-to-earth is important to consumers and potential customers, and will get you more activity on your page than the corporate condescension.

Check out this page to find some funny commentary on what not to do for your own business!

 Condescending Corporate Brand Page

2. Old Spice Old Spice has a fantastic advertising campaign. It’s Facebook page perfectly showcases the brand’s humor with its captivating cover photo and play on words.  It engages people and urges them to watch their witty videos up front at the top of the page (which you should because they’re very funny), making you want to “like” them and follow to see updates.

Oldspice Facebook Page

3. Threadless Threadless is a t-shirt company where anyone can submit designs to be scored and, hopefully, made into funny or whimsical t-shirts. This company is all about fun and playfulness. This is perfectly exhibited by the cover photo, which works nicely with the profile picture and icons on the page. The best part is the interactivity available in the icons at the top. You can vote on designs, look through the catalog and add shirts to your shopping cart directly from the page. Talk about convenience!

Threadless Facebook Page

4. Starbucks I found the Starbucks page warm and welcoming… everything you want from your coffee! It posts photos of customer’s actual coffee and food at their table or on the go. The most successful part of the page is that it encourages fans to post their own pictures of their coffee, making the large corporation seem extremely personable.

Starbucks Facebook Page

5. Burt’s Bees The Burt’s Bees Facebook page has a great branded look and is very visually striking.  It’s engagement and interactivity really stand out here. The company really encourages fan and customer participation. Its icons display consumer coupons, information on the products, a call to action to share and give your feedback on their products, and contest announcement, updates and rules.

Burt's Bees Facebook Page

6. Red Bull This page exhibits all the energy and action that the drink gives you.  The engaging icons showcase Red Bull TV and videos, games and apps, careers and athletes, Red Bull news and events. Their photos consist of extreme sports and action packed activities. With over 32 million likes for the page and 68 thousand shares just for the last photo they posted, I’d say it’s a pretty successful page. Touché Red Bull, touché.

Redbull Facebook Page

7. Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is simply a classic. You get this nostalgic feeling immediately when looking at the page, especially with the classic glass Coke bottle pictured repeatedly at the top. The page urges you to share your stories about Coke from around the world, and the page is full of pictures of real people having fun with Coke. The interactive icons features videos, events, stories and music, making the page even more endearing.

Coca-Cola Facebook Page

8.  Pringles The Pringles Facebook page is full of fun. You get that message right away by it’s playful cover photo, which works very well with it’s profile pic. The rest of’ photos are just as funny, including one of a dog with the Pringles’ mustache, a little kid dressed up as a Pringles can, and the chips spelling out words. The interactive icons give you plenty to do on this page as well: watch videos, listen to music, look at upcoming Pringles events, and share your Pringles photos and ask questions.

Pringles Facebook Page

9. Oreo The Oreo Page is very engaging. Every day it posts a new cover photo with a different fan’s picture wishing them a ‘Happy Birthday.’ This makes the huge corporation seem extremely personable right away. The photos that they post are also very playful. They make things out of Oreos and for holidays, even the obscure ones, it gets really creative. For the “First Flight Around the World” they posted a photo of an Oreo with the top cookie carved out as the globe.

Oreo Facebook Page

10. AT&T AT&T has a mix of serious and playful on their Facebook page. Their anti- texting and driving message in their cover photo gives off a serious tone, urging people not to take the risk. But as you scroll down to their posts, it gets more humorous. One post pictures an emergency zombie kit, including ninja stars, a yo-yo, matches, glow sticks, a baseball bat, underwear, and an At&T phone of course. Other posts give hypothetical text message conversations, including texts from throughout “Texting History.” All in all, this page is very entertaining.

AT&T Facebook Page