The decision to send a holiday e-card in place of a traditional paper card can save money and time searching for the “right” card.  There are several additional benefits of sending holiday e-cards.  


  • Time.  That says it all.  No more spending hours, or an entire weekend personalizing, addressing and stamping your holiday cards.  E-cards can be sent from any computer whenever you wish.  Think of all that free time you’ll have to do your Holiday shopping.


  • There are unlimited possibilities of what you can have on your e-card.  Many can have sound effects and animations included.  Photos can be incorporated into the e-cards, for an even more personalized look.
  • Remember having to put a stamp on each card?  When the cost of the card plus the cost of postage is totaled, sending an e-card can dramatically reduce the cost of sending your holiday wishes.  It has been estimated that the cost to send one holiday card can amount to as much as $3.00 per card when the card and printing costs are combined.


  • If you send a holiday e-card, you’ll be ensured that the recipients will receive their cards in a timely manner.  No more wait time for the post office which is always slow during the holiday season.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Go green.  Maybe even Holly Green.  Today, more and more businesses are consciously trying to reduce, recycle, and reuse.  Sending a holiday e-card can help save a tree.  Nothing more than the energy used to send and retrieve the card is used.

Sending an e-card may still be considered a non-traditional method, but e-cards are gaining popularity each day.  Contact Chris at  to discuss your holiday e-cards today.