Social networking is such an important part of anyone’s social media. Technology is moving and changing constantly and quickly. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest having such a high mobile usage, everyone should be thinking about getting their sites optimized for mobile devices. Optimize everything for mobile – To avoid a bad mobile experience, optimize your website for mobile devices. A good mobile experience will assist in helping the clients get the information they were looking for. By making everything mobile can also make things more efficient. Optimize your content – Optimize your content for all types of mobile platforms. Be sure to optimize your social channels as well. Mobile Website

  • Keep your social media share options clear and visible for the customer.
  • Provide subtle reminders to share content they like and as much as they like.

Mobile Facebook

  •  Images are shared more than anything on Facebook. In the mobile Facebook, photos are large and seen because of the amount of space they take up on a Facebook-logo-icon-vectorcopy-big_copymobile device. Photos on peoples news feeds grab their attention much more than just content alone.
  • Engage your Facebook followers. Ask open-ended questions and be sure to respond to your customers in a timely manner when questions or comments are asked via Facebook.
  • Chances are customers are not going to click on the “see more” button if you have a long post. Try to keep posts under 170 characters.

Mobile Twitter

  •  Twitter allows for a 140 characters, however, it is not necessary to use all 140. Use some real time tweets so customers and clients know you are involved and engage with them. Provide links and calls to action. Ask for re-tweets and favorites to get your brand known.