We all love Pinterest, but sometimes it’s difficult to find what we are looking for.  Pinterest has a fairly new search feature, which is being called a Guided Search.  It is supposed to help you explore the site and search easily through Pinterest’s 750 million boards and 30 billion pins.

If your search is vague and you’re more interested in exploration and discovery than finding a specific product, then Pinterest really helps, as opposed to a simple Google search. Guided Search gives you keyword suggestions when you enter a search term on Pinterest, further narrowing down what you’re looking for. So for example, if you’re interested in buying a Kate Spade iPhone wallet case with polka-dots, then Google away. If you are looking for a need a new pair of boots, unsure of what type, style or color you are looking for, Pinterest will give you some exhausting options. Type your search term into Pinterest’s search bar and you’ll see “Guides” pop up below the search bar, Pinterest Searchwhich help find keywords to add to your search.

You can scroll through the guides too — just click on the arrow at the far right of your display to see additional options. When you click a Guide, you’ll automatically add it to your original search. Then a new set of Guides will appear under the search bar, and you can continue selecting more. At any point you can click the “X” next to the search term in your search bar to remove that keyword from your search.

Guided Search really comes into its own as a visual search engine for inspiration. If you’re a crafter looking for a new project for the weekend, you can start your Guided Search by entering the name of your craft and then adding Guides until you come across a project that suits you. Or if you’re a slacking on your diet and need some motivation to get back eating healthy, type “healthy” and you’ll see Guides that offer Motivation, Recipes, Inspiration, Tips, Quotes, Humor and more. By default, Pinterest’s Guided Search results are individual pins, but you can also choose to view relevant pinners, this is a great way to find interesting new people to follow, or related boards. Click the tabs that appear above the search results to flip between the different options.

You can also use this to search your own boards — click the “Your Pins” tab to look within content you’ve previously pinned. You can still browse by topic as well. Click the drop down with the three horizontal lines to the right of the search bar to see category options. Once you’ve clicked what you’re interested in, Guide boxes will appear ahead of the search results giving you options to further your search.