4, One to change the bulb and 3 to argue about whether they should have used serifed or sans serifed fonts on the packaging.

Don’t know, but when you change it, can you make it bigger? I have a few more answers, I’m just wondering how many are out there?

Good one! How about: It only takes one, but you’ll need to provide the bulb as either a vector or high resolution raster file.

One, but can you also change all the other bulbs, its not a big job, should only take you an hour.

ha ha, you’ve been reading Clientcopia! Or: Just one, but I had my sister (who’s also a designer) pick out some bulbs that we would like you to use.

One…..and while you’re at it, we have a few more small things for you to change.

I’m not sure… But I’ll know it when I see it…LMAO.

One, but I’d like you to make the light coming from the bulb to match our logo – here’s a .gif for reference.

One, but can you make the bulb, oh, I don’t know, less bulby?

3, one to come up with the concept, one to do a mock-up simulation, and one to do the production work.

One professional…but I’m sure he will need help from my 14 year old nephew because Timmy changed a bulb once. (am I sensing an undertone here lol)

None: light bulbs aren’t “out of the box” unless you take them out of the box, then maybe one, if the designer holds perfectly still while the rest of the world revolves around him/her. Yes, I am a designer who doesn’t think out of the box. After watching the Matrix for the umpteenth time…”there is no box, there is no box.

Takes 1 Designer for bulb installation, but it takes the clients cousin to finish it by changing the kerning on the title and adding a kick-ass rainbow effect! Yeah!

Only one, and could I see a few variations on that? Be creative! (calling from the road) I’m on my way to the meeting, I’ll download them on my BlackBerry before I go in..