Promotional products can help grow your brand.  Investing in customized promotional products is sometimes a big decision for companies.  Products with your company’s logo branded on them are only going to help your business grow. It gets the word out about your company and gives your audience something to remember you by.

You can get your logo on just about anything. 1-Stop Design Shop can create a logo for you, or re-vamp an old one. We can put your logo on bags, pens, mugs, water bottles, t-shirts, hats, really just about anything you can think of.  We can also provide a wide variety of office supplies with logos, corporate gifts and employee awards.  We could go on and on abut what we provide for logo branded items.1stopbag

Promotional products are really not that big of an investment.  You may think it is going to be a big dollar item, but I bet it really isn’t as expensive than you think.  Promotional items can provide better returns than other methods of paid advertising. Promotional products are just that, promo items are to be given away to your clients.  These items can then be passed along to people that may have never heard of your company.  You can reach more people with a promotional item than some of the advertising we do on a regular basis. More and more people will continue to pass your promo items along.

Promotional items, like t-shirts can spread your company’s name in more places than a local advertising campaign. Check out 1-Stop Design Shops promo section of our website to learn more about our products.