Pinterest is a great search tool, with 69% of users having purchased or considered purchasing something they found through a search on the Pinterest, its a big mistake not to be using and benefiting from this network.

Profile Photo

This is one of the few platforms that doesn’t have a cover photo, so the representation of your brand is heavily based on your profile photo. Pinterest’s profile photo is uploaded as a square, but displays as a circle at the top of your profile.

Pin Size

With Pinterest’s layout being more portrait-oriented, vertically designed pins tend to perform better. When deciding on size, create a pin that caters to what you want to represent, visually; larger pins do not necessarily mean you’ll attract more attention.

Board Display

The first thing you see when you visit someone’s Pinterest profile is their collection of boards. Name your boards appropriately and include a relevant photos for each. You don’t want empty boards (or no boards), but you don’t want a plethora of boards with no purpose, either.

The Pinterest board layout shows a 3-photo grid for the board cover photos.  The first three photos of your board will be displayed as the cover grid.

Bonus Tip: Ensure that your first two or three boards are directly related to your industry or audience. You don’t want visitors to leave your profile because they don’t understand what your business does or can’t quickly find the information they’re searching for. If you have a knowledge of information that can be displayed in a infographic, these tend to get lots of attention on Pinterest.