If a picture can say 1000 words, then your graphics for Instagram better be on point. Instagram is a photo app and without great photos, it’s likely your account won’t be around very long.
Your graphic is the thing that will stop a person and either get them to click through or keep scrolling. We want them to click through and browse more of our photos and not to keep scrolling.

Creating a great graphic:

  • lighting
  • composition
  • rule of thirds
  • if it’s not a picture of a person or things, make sure the colors pair well
  • use readable fonts
  • use 2 fonts, 3 fonts MAX

If you’re still not sure what would make a graphic great – go research! Check out Instagram and look for a hashtag you think your audience would be searching.

Look at the photos that make you stop and look or read. Take note of what you like about them or don’t like about them. What could you replicate? How can you get that same feel?

When you know what makes a graphic great you’ll be likely to create great graphics too.