If you don’t have a blog for your business, you really need to carve out some time and start one. Yes, we know you have a business to run.  We also know it’s hard to fit in writing a blog with your everyday business obligations.

Now may be the time to find the right person to start writing for you. Contract a current employee or hire someone just to write your blog. However, if you do put one person in charge of your blog, you need to give them total autonomy for the blog posts. Finding the right person may not be easy. The person you hire needs to knows your business or is willing to research and learn about your business and clientele.

Your blog should be written by someone who likes to “talk” about your product or service.  Talking in the first person is important because no one wants to read just a boring article. People engage more and continue reading when they feel like you are talking directly to them.  Your blog should have personablogl references and stories of your experiences. Express your feeling in your blog and express your business’ point of view.

  • Make sure the person you are dedicating to your blog is willing to work on it for the long haul.  This person needs to stay committed to your business efforts and needs to be available when needed.
  • Be sure you like the way the blogger writes.  Read a few of their previously published blogs.  Or if you are hiring someone who has never written a blog before, give them a few topics and have them write some samples for you.
  • Once you decide on who is going to write your blog, give them the opportunity to create conversations, on topics they are interested in while adding your business opportunities into the blog.