There are a large number of Pinterest subscribers that are really confused about which numbers to pay attention to when trying to analyze their Pinterest strategy. Here are 5 reasons you want to check your analytics-

  • Content – Knowing your numbers helps you to know what types of content to create in the future.
  • Strategies – You should be tracking the things you are trying out to see how they’re doing.
  • Pins – Which pins are doing well for you? Why? What worked? What did people like?
  • Growth – Are you improving? Are your numbers growing?
  • Trends – Remember that Pinterest is a seasonal platform. In many niches, you should see your account growing during the fall and Christmas season every year. You can plan for the next year.

Pinterest Analytics

It is important to note that you must have a Pinterest business account in order to get Pinterest analytics. There are no disadvantages of having a business account.

Pinterest offers its own set of analytic tools. Pinterest analytics can tell you which pins are performing well, suggest promoted pins campaigns, and can help you manage those campaigns to your benefit.

How to Read Pinterest Analytics

The first thing you will see when you open your analytics page is your overall profile. This will include everything you’ve pinned, whether it’s your content or someone else’s. Whatever you have pinned, it will show up in this number.

This number will likely show you that you pin other people’s content too much!

Pinterest analytics does provide one useful piece of information — if you go into your profile and scroll down to “Top Boards with Impressions”, you can glean keywords and ideas for content you might want to create.

You’ll also be able to see impressions in your Pinterest analytics dashboard. Impressions are defined as the number of people who’ve viewed your pin, not clicks to your site or how many saves you are getting.

Pinterest Analytics for Beginners

If you are just starting out, what do you need to know about Pinterest analytics?

When you are just starting, there actually is some information in Pinterest analytics that can be helpful. You should be looking at the “All Activity” section to see all of your pins. Look at which ones are doing well, even if they are other people’s content. See which boards they are being pinned to in order to help you create content that works well for you on Pinterest.

If you struggle with what types of content to create, seeing what people actually click through is a great way to fill up your content creation calendar. You could save those pins to a secret board and make notes about how you are going to create some killer content based on those ideas.