Here is a list of top Twitter marketing tips to help you get the most out of the social media platform.

1. Use keywords

In order to attract a specific audience, include keywords, with links to highly valuable content, in your Tweets. As explained here, “keyword targeting allows you to connect with users based on words and phrases they’ve recently Tweeted or searched for on Twitter,” which allows you to connect with your audience at the most relevant level.

2. Target influencers

It’s a smart idea to follow companies, influencers and like-minded individuals that you plan to engage with in the future on Twitter. As we explain here, when trying to find and connect with influencers, “the three attributes that are most important for marketers to  factor are relevance, reach, and resonance.”

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags are a no-brainer as they ensure that your content is as discoverable as possible, and enable you to connect with like-minded users. For help with hashtag best practices, we’ve provided a thorough guide here.

4. Give credit

If you see content that adds value, give credit where it is due. You know how great it feels when somebody else gives your content credit? Share the love. Favorite, quote, and retweet Tweets that you find helpful to gain potential followers and build online relationships.

5. Utilize scheduling

To save time, as well as enhance organization, it’s a good idea to schedule tweets. By planning for Tweets to go out at peak times, you can ensure you are improving visibility.

6. Encourage engagement

You’ve heard it time and time again–engagement is key to social media success. While of course connecting with mutual followers is important, to build credibility and audience we recommend engaging with your non followers as well.

7. Create lists

To get the most of your Twitter feed and keep organized, we recommend setting up Twitter lists to create groups with relevant users and organizations. As our guide to Twitter lists explains, “lists offer a way to see updates from specific people you have decided to focus your attention on,” and in doing so, allowing you to be more engaged and up to date on those who add the most value to your online efforts.

8. Optimize your profile

Your Twitter profile is where other users get their first impressions of you, so it’s important that you take advantage of this part of your online presence. Ensure your Twitter profile has a tasteful image that’s consistent with what you are using on other social networks, an accurate description in your bio, and a header image.

9. Use images

It’s a fact that Tweets including images receive more engagement, which is reason enough to make sharing images and videos on Twitter a priority.  “According to a study of Promoted Tweets from SMB advertisers conducted by Twitter, Tweets with images generate 313 percent more engagement than those without.”

10. Be consistent

Whenever looking to clean-up a Twitter feed and unfollow users, I always seek out accounts that haven’t posted in awhile. Whether running a personal or professional account, commitment to posting is an important factor in ensuring you continuously add value to your followers. While of course it’s possible to overwhelm your followers by posting too much.

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