Fall is a great time to snap some nice photos of the family.  Here are a few tips to get some good outdoor fall photos.

  • Have the sun behind some trees behind the subject.  This gives a nice “glow” around and ensures that no one is squinting into the sun.  You may have to play with your camera settings a little bit because it will want to make your subjects too dark, but if you have a camera where you can change settings, you should be able to make this work.
  • Have your subjects stand away from the background so that your camera focuses on them and blurs the background. When your subject is far away from the background, you can get away with not having the “perfect” setting.
  • Get away from home for your fall pictures. Being at home, your children will most likely be too sure of themselves and be more likely to run around.  In a new setting (if you work quickly), they’ll be taking it all in and you should have more time to get in your shots before they’re ready to be done.
  • Be ready to move a lot. Be constantly be ready to snap the photo.  Don’t sit down or expect your kids to sit down.  You’ll get more authentic smiles if you let them run a little and then catch them in the act of playing.
  • Play! Make these pictures fun!  Get out and play with your kids.  You’ll get the best smiles and the best memories!
  • Don’t always focus on the smile. Capture the moment.  Don’t worry if your child isn’t smiling right at the camera, take the picture anyway.  As they grow up, you’ll want to remember every detail about them, even the moments when they were serious or focused or distracted.  So take the picture and capture that.
  • Choosing a location for your fall pictures. You can take fall pictures anywhere, but some favorite places are parks, public lakes, and the pumpkin patch!  Get out and go somewhere and take along your camera!  Pose a few shots, get some candids, and just have fun!
  • Accessories for your fall pictures. Head out to the farm store and/or farmer’s market and pick up some accessories for your pictures!  A hay bale works really well and pumpkins, gourds, and big fall flowers make the pictures stand out.  With accessories, you can take your fall pictures anywhere!