Facebook is getting a new look. We have all been hearing about it, we have even seen a few pages transferred over to the new design.

As of June 13, 2013 all Facebook Business Pages, will be changing to this new sleek look.fb According to Facebook, the new streamlined look for Pages is meant to make it easier for people to find what they use most. The biggest changes are the new single column News Feed. Now all of the status updates all appear in one sleek line.

The Business pages “About” section is larger and on the left, making it easier for business to access the admin features. In this easier-to-navigate design, Facebook is giving the administrators much more control over the look of their layout and page.

This new make-over is allowing users to change the look of their business page and giving us a chance to customize our pages to suit us. Now, we can adjust and decide the placement of sections in the top navigation menu and the left column menu. Facebook is finally giving us, the users, more control by simplifying the design. The new navigation options on the top of the page make it easier to access to your business activity, insights, and settings.