Do you think you can work from home and be productive?  For some people, this is not a problem, others it is hard to get in “work mode” when you are working form home.  If you decide to start your own business, working from home is where you’re going to start.  Working from home and doing it successfully is  not always easy. Here are a few tips on getting work done and doing it from the comfort of your home office.

Set A Routine
You will need to find a routine that works for you and your clients.  Nine to five doesn’t always work for everyone.  How many people now a days really work nine to five anyway.  Establishing a routine that you can commit to will help you know it’s time for work and work only. Working from home has distractions that you would not have going to the office everyday.  It is hard to do just work during your work  hours but it is important to stick to them.  This will give your clients a good understanding of your office hours and show stability of the office as well as let them know when they can reach you.

Always Plan Ahead
Planning your day in advance is important for people working from home. Take some time each day to look ahead and know when your deadlines and what meetings are coming up that may need some prep work.  Always keeping your deadlines in the back of your head will keep you more focused.  Try to stay focused and not jump around from project to project.  Working on one project at a time will keep things on schedule.

Home Office Space
Having a dedicated space is essential.  Having a space away from the main living area is ideal but not everyone has space for that so try to find a location in your home that has a door that you can close yourself off from the house.  When you are there, you’re at work and when you step out of your space, you’re home.  Having your own office space will help in keeping you focused on work.

Be Organized
Organization is extremely important. Having an organized office should be high on your list of priorities. The rest of your house can be a mess, but your office needs to be in order.  You need to be able to find clients information quickly and get the files you needs when a client calls.  Where you work needs to be a conductive work space that you can actually achieve work.  Make your office as comfortable as possible. Make you office a place you want to be during your work hours, make a comfy and cozy place that you have everything you need to be successful at your home office.