Many people don’t understand there is a “good time” and a “bad time” to be posting to social media.  Interacting with potential and current customers is important to your social media strategy so why not post when they are online and being active in their social media platforms.

Pinterest – The best times to be posting is between 7pm and 12am. Assuming it’s because people are scrolling through Pinterest after the little ones have been put down for the night and they’re scrolling though on their phone while laying in bed. But regardless of the why, the fact is…. the numbers don’t lie and between 7pm and 12am have proven wonders for some businesses. Many have seen new followers and more repins than when pinning at different times of the day.

Facebook – On average, posting between 1–4pm get the highest clickthroughs. The worst times are weekends before 8am and after 8pm Fast Company: The best times to share on Facebook are 1–4pm, and the peak time is Wednesdays at 3pm. Overall, the worst time to post is after 8pm on weekends.

Instagram – Between 3 and 4pm is the sweet spot for Instagram. However, the best way to figure out what times work best for you is to imagine a day in the life of your ideal customer. Do they have a full time job? Maybe posting during lunch hours or after they get off work. Are they morning people? Try posting in the early hours.

Twitter – The best times are between 1pm – 3pm on the optimal days. Anytime between 9am –3pm are peak times of Twitter use.