Cross Media Marketing Attract. Interact. React.

Need to acquire leads, increase sales, capture critical business data, act on it and secure customer loyalty in real-time, in no time, online and across all media channels?

1-Stop Convergent MailShop allows you to do all of the above and then some, a lot easier than you’d think. 1-Stop Convergent MailShop represents the ultimate direct marketing tool for today’s online-empowered marketers.

Deploy it and you, and anyone else you designate within your organization, can manage fully personalized cross media campaigns that run on the Web, via email and through precise direct mail flights. You control it all from creation to content to dashboard reporting, including user access, approvals, templates, copy, graphics, branding, CRM data and so much more.

Drive prospects to the web to verify response, collect intelligence, enrich your database as well as generate follow-up appeals via printed mail and e-mail. Track which media, message and offer combination performs best and then use the reporting to improve subsequent communications.

Personalize your marketing appeals however you want–by personal preferences, buying history, competitive information, gender, name, discounts, offers, geography, language, executive level, corporate affiliation and more.

How 1-Stop Convergent MailShop Works:

A Scenario for Success in Three Simple Steps

Step 1:

Attract. Print Personalized URLs on each Direct Mail Piece
Using your campaign’s Mail File, 1-Stop Convergent MailShop generates and hosts a Personalized URL for each recipient, as well as automates the process of inserting these unique addresses into the mail file for inclusion in each direct mail piece.

Since studies have shown that more than 42% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online, Personalized URLs provide a convenient response option.

John Prospect receives a direct mail invitation

Step 2:

Interact. Capture Visits to the VIP Landing Page
When John visits his Personalized URL, he’s visiting a VIP Landing Page built specifically to support the direct mail piece he holds in his hand.

For example, the VIP Landing Page’s creative matches that of the mail piece. Upon arriving at, a welcome message thanks John for visiting.

Step 3:

React. Generate Leads, Print Reports, & Follow-up
1-Stop Convergent MailShop captures John’s activity for additional follow-up and lead generation–all in real time. Comprehensive reports display campaign response rates, visitor patterns, and detailed lead information. Follow-up with content management system.

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