Our Best Selling Bannerstand for the Past Few Years-Orthopedic Eblast Landing Pg

AAOS bannerstand

Our Best Selling Bannerstand for the Past Few Years

Set up in under a minute, transport easily and make a big impression.

This is the Blade Lite Retractable Bannerstand and comes in a variety of different widths. One of the most popular widths is 36″. The graphic is printed on an anti-curl vinyl banner, and it has a hybrid bungee/telescopic pole to stand from a variable height anywhere from 60″-83.25″. It comes with a padded bag and is easily packed up, light-weight and travel ready. The hardware has a lifetime warranty, and you can even print multiple banners and change them out!

Hardware + Printing Cost

Price will be honored through 2018. Subject to change after 12/31/18.

Blade Lite 920
Sale Price: $185.98

*Design is not included in this price.

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