What does the bounce rate on your website mean? The bounce rate is the percentage of people who land on a certain page of your website and then leave your site from that very same page.  Bounce rates can be misleading.  If someone does a Google search for Web Design and find our page and read about what they were looking for, then leave the same page, that counts as part of my bounce rate.  Here are a few tips to try to keep your bounce rate low.

  • Click the “open in new window” button.  If your clients get to your site and continue reading on about a certain product or subject, and you have provided an external link, they will leave your site and go to the new page.  This will go 1stop-seotowards your bounce rate.  However, if you use the “open in new window” button, the client will stay on your page and open the new page. The reader will be able to then click between the tabs and not have to use the back button t find you again.
  • Content, content, content.  Offer great content and clients will stay on your page. Offer new and exciting content as often as you can.  Preferably at least once a week.  Always adding new and interesting content will entice the reader to want to come back .
  • Have a great web design.  Your website is usually the first thing that people see about your business.  If you have an appealing web design, people will want to explore more and look around to see what you have to offer.  Often your website is the first impression of your business to a potential client.
  • Use internal links to keep clients on your website.   Having internal links from your blog to your site will increase the amount of time the client is on your site.  Having a few internal links per page can keep your bounce rate low, do to the amount of clicking through the client may be doing.

Check out your site and see how you are doing now and then try to add these in to your SEO and look for some changes in your bounce rate.