We have all run out of ideas as what to post for social media.  Here are a few tips on some topics that may help.

  1. Inspirational quotes-always a hit.
  2. Share someone who inspires you to your followers
  3. Animal photos. People love cute animals.
  4. Motivational quotes or phrases.
  5. How-to’s and tutorials to help your followers.
  6. Cleaning or organizing tips.
  7. Share your own link to another platform. On Facebook ask your followers to follow you on Pinterest. They might be following you on one platform and haven’t found you other places yet.
  8. Share something that is viral.
  9. Post a behind the scenes photo of your life or business. People like to get to know you.
  10. Share a favorite recipe.
  11.  Announcements of your products or upcoming projects.
  12. Fun fact about your niche.
  13. Share a news article about something interesting.
  14. Share a tip that fits your niche or topic.
  15. Something funny that happened to you recently.
  16. Teach your followers something.
  17. Answer a follower/reader question.
  18. Any discounts or special offers.
  19. Promote any other things going on in your business: webinars, podcasts, periscopes.
  20. Tips to help your followers have a healthier lifestyle.
  21. Offer any freebies you have for your followers.
  22. Any good deals you’ve found that you think your followers would be interested in.