When thinking “SEO friendly”, you must also think “Keywords”. After all, how do users search for content on the web? They type keywords into search engines. Before you begin writing content for your landing page, you need to decide what your keywords are going to be.

Ask yourself: “What do people search for when they want a product or service like mine?” There are lots of tools out there that can help you measure the worth of certain keywords.index

Google Keyword Planner is a feature allows you to search for relevant keywords, see how many monthly searches occur for your chosen keywords, how difficult it is to rank for those keywords, and, perhaps most importantly, where your company ranks for those keywords.

By monitoring how well you rank for your chosen keywords, you can measure just how effective and SEO friendly your landing pages are. After choosing your keywords, it’s important that you use them correctly. To make your landing page as SEO friendly as possible, you should make sure your keyword appears in the following places:

  • The title of the page
  • The URL
  • Image ALT tags
  • Meta-description
  • Within the first 100 words of the copy, and naturally throughout thereafter

When you use relevant keywords in the copy of your landing pages, Google can tell. They have technology called LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) which analyses the meanings of different keywords and determines how relevant they are to the page.