If you want to take advantage of the growing impact of social media (and you should), then try these ways to get higher rankings through your social sharing campaigns:

  • Make share the buttons are very visible – Position these buttons in strategic places: side and bottom of page and use a scrolling widget, too. Also, limit the number of buttons you use. Too many can confuse people!
  • Ask readers to share content – Some research shows that readers will do what you ask them to do.
  • Tap the influencers – Create relationships with big names and get them to share your content.
  • Use sponsored Tweets – If you have a budget, spend a few dollars using this advertiser’s tool.
  • Use Facebook’s Sponsored Stories – Sort of like Twitter’s sponsored tweets, but better.
  • Create a worthy brand – Nobody wants to share content from someone who can’t be trusted. Focus your energy on creating a presence that people see as a trustworthy authority.
  • Tap into your circles – Use your own personal network to share content.
  • Produce great content – This should be a given!