During the summer months when the sun is brighter, photography is a bit tricky.  If you are not careful, you could end up overexposing your photos.  The summer can add new challenges to photography.  Here are a few tips to taking great summer photos.

  • When photographing in the summer months, you have many options where you can take photos outside. Look around to find where you would like to take some photographs.  Here is an idea to try, pick a location that can be used all year and take a season changing photo.  Take the same photo each season and watch the evolving background.
  • When taking photos during the summer, you must ensure that the background lighting isn’t too bright. If the subject is standing in front of the sun or a bright light, then this will create a burnt out image.images
  • In the summer, a lot of people think you need to turn off the flash.  This does seem like the right thing to do, but if all your light is coming from the same direction and same source, faces and objects can be in shadows.  Use your flash as on an automatic mode so it will release when needed.  This will help prevent those shadows.
  • Think about the colors in your photos.  When you see warm colors you think of the warm temperatures of the summer.  Using a bright blue with make you think of the cool water in the swimming pool, or a nice pink with make you think of the juicy watermelon you had at the back yard BBQ.  Colors in pictures bring back the nice memories of when they were taken.
  • Printing your photos on a high quality photo printer will certainly help in the results of your pictures.  Always be sure to use the correct style photo paper in which you are looking for with your results.  If you enjoy matt photos, be sure to print on a high quality matt paper.  If you love the glossy look, again, be sure to print on a high quality glossy photo paper.  Sending your photos out to be printed to an online photography business is another good way to get the print you like.