Thinking about designing a website?  Let us take the steps for you.

  1. Investigate: Figure out who your target audience will be and what their expectations are.
  2. Limit Colors:  It’s not recommended to use more than two or three colors on your website.
  3. Logo: The logo is a major part of your brand and will be a point of recognition.gfsalad-4
  4. Text Contrast:  Visitors need to be able to read the text properly.
  5. Extremes:  Ensure that your website is secure at all times.
  6. Design Order:  Keep things organized.
  7. Use a Grid: Preferable use a 12 column grid.
  8. Simplicity: Only display the most essential elements of your website.
  9. Trends:  Follow the latest web design trends but don’t overuse the trends.
  10. Be Original:  You always want to be unique.
  11. Test Your Design:  Before you throw your website in front of your audience, test it thoroughly.

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