The use of social media sites evolved into so much more than a place to catch up with old friends. Many businesses are using social networking sites as a form of advertisement and promotion. The inexpensive advantage of using social media sites is the ability to share information quickly, to a lot of people all at once. Just having a social media account does not mean that your content will increase your sales.  Understanding what content is needed, to help your business, is one of the first steps needed to start a social media ad campaign.

Establish Relationships

People still want to use their social media accounts to create relationship and keep in touch.  Although more and more companies are using social media accounts as a means of advertising, people still value the original purpose. Establish relationships with your followers.  Add open-ended questions and participate in conversations. In order to establishing a strong customer base, you must converse with your online followers to build that trust. Try to avoid using social media to post advertisements without adding anything else to the conversation.

Post Regularly

Advertising sporadically is not going to get your business name or product out in the world.  Some people need to see something three or four times before they actually look in to what you sell or supply.  Though, you don’t want to over post.  Over posting may just annoy your customers and will stop following. Posting to the major social media sites once or twice a day should do the trick.  However, posting to sites like Twitter, your post may only be visible for a few hours so it is wise to schedule posts several times throughout the day to keep your business name in the news feed.

Write Good Content

Post content that is engaging. If you are creating great content, customers will share the information with their friends and family. The word-of-mouth advertising will increase your exposure and create more followers. Establishing a reputation for offering great  content, customers will continue to look for your posts.  Offer tips and help about your service and business, but remember to branch out and post information that is irrelevant to your business once and a while.  Engage in with the community about upcoming events in and around your area.

Provide Incentives

Customers don’t like the feeling of being forced into anything.  Posting content that sounds like a sales pitch, may cause customers and followers to tune you out.  Give a little detail about your product or service, but don’t over do it.  Content that provides incentives, come across like they are missing out on something good and not the feeling of being beaten down. Consistency in your posts to all of your social media accounts is important.  Blogging and integrating your blog information to your social media sites is a great way to provide that consistency. Keeping your accounts consistent prevents you from sending mixed messages to your customers. There are several social media applications available to help make sending the same message to all your social media accounts quick and easy.