YouTube’s popular video-sharing is accessed by users on the largest variety of devices, including tablets, phones, desktops, and televisions, so it’s important to have imagery that displays correctly across all devices.

Channel Icon and Channel Art

A small square profile photo overlays the top left corner of every YouTube page. As important as profile and cover photos are to representing your brand, on YouTube, many users will see one of your videos before them. This makes having striking images even more important so that users associate the videos with your brand and remember you when they do reach your profile page.

Your profile photo for YouTube is always connected to your Google+ account, so your channel icon will show up as the same image you have as your Google+ profile photo. However, you can still upload a different image for the channel art.

Bonus Tip: You only upload one image for your YouTube channel art, but it will display differently across different devices. When you upload an image, you can crop it to fit the desktop layout but make sure the important elements are right in the center to ensure they aren’t cropped out on smaller screens.