Blogging is something that can never hurt. No matter how many blogs are already out there on your topic or product adding more information just proves your knowledge of the service or item.  We are not going to say it is always easy, sometimes it is and sometimes its just struggle.  It does take some time to set up and maintain.

It Takes Time.
Simple as that.  It takes time and commitment to write a blog.  You need to research, write and post and you need to do it a few times a month.  Posting once or twice a month is okay but since you took the time and effort to set up a blog in the first place, you mind as well get the most out of it. Posting consist content on a weekly basis, will help build your website traffic.

It is easy.
Well, it can be.  All you need to do is write about information that you are already an expert in.  It should come naturally to you since you are writing on a topic that interests you.  Writing a blog will take some time, but once you get going the information should start to flow.

It will get me results.
If you take the time to do it right. You need to commit to the blog.  Writing a blog once a month and never doing anything else with it, is not going to give you any results.  Blogging in a timely manner can lead to more business. A blog is like a little website that you can change the content of as often as you want.  Setting up a blog and linking it back to your website is a good social media boost. When someone Googles your service, not can a blog add to the opportunity for your page ending up in the search results, but it will add an additional page.  The more pages you have, the more pages Google is searching.