Sharyn Haggerty

Media + SEO Specialist — Google Magician, Word Maven

Meet Shar, the spice of 1-Stop. There isn’t a dull moment with Shar in the office. She manages to post daily to dozens of social media sites and blogs for all our SEO clients without breaking a sweat…she’s THAT GOOD! Shar has been with 1-Stop for over seven years.

Sharyn attended Northeastern University and many classes to hone her craft of Google magic. She balances a busy career with motherhood of four kids ranging from middle through high school. Her weakness is Swedish Fish.

Things she loves: Her kids, the beach, her dog, her friends, sitting in front of a fire reading, Heath Bar Ice Cream
Things she doesn’t like: Whining kids, going to the Dentist, olives, spiders, driving over bridges
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