Everyone uses Google, but there are different ways to use it and get the most accurate results on the topic you are searching.

  • If you search for a phrase, put the phrase in double quotes and get only results that contain the exact phrase.  For example: “graphic design” with give you results with only that phrase vs. results with just “graphic” or just “design”.
  • If you are looking for a website that has similar information to a particular site use the related: feature.  For example: related:nytimes.com will give you search results for news sites similar to the New York Times site.
  • Looking for a recipe but don’t want to include a specific ingredient?  As an example, search for “chicken recipe -milk” (if you are looking for a dairy free recipe). This will give you results with chicken recipes with no milk in the list of ingredients.
  • Using the Google site modifier, you can search a phrase within a certain site. For example put the search term within double quotes “red sox” site:mlb.com and this will give you information about the articles that include the phrase in quotes on that particular site.