There are certain hours in the day that are better for engaging with your audience than others. By choosing a particular time, more people will not only see your posts, but they are also more likely to interact with it and share it with more people. These times can vary according to your business and your audience, but according to a recent study, these are some guidelines for when to post and where:


  • 5 pm is a good time to tweet for an optimal amount of re-tweets
  • You are most effective when you tweet between 1-4 times an hoursoc-med-sched-clock-450
  • The best days to tweet tend to be during the middle of the week and on weekends
  • To increase click-through rates, noon and 6 pm are the best times to tweet


  • The best day to share is Saturday
  • The most effective time to post is noon
  • The best sharing frequency tends to be .5 per day.


  • Traffic tends to build throughout the day, but trends vary by content type.
  • Most top pinners pin often- anywhere from 5-30 times per day!

Of course, these times and days are not set in stone, and they can vary from company to company, so use these as guidelines, not set in stone rules.