Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1-Stop Design Shop values your privacy and has written our privacy policy to help you understand what personal information may be collected when viewing our site. Our site utilizes Google Analytics to track how you use our site. Google Analytics uses cookies, which are small pieces of data sent to your browser from a website, used to collect common log information, browser activity and visitor behavior in an anonymous form.

Google may identify information such as your browser type, device type or IP address. The IP address collected by Google is used to determine an approximate geographic location that may be as accurate as the city or neighboring cities to show where visitors are coming from. This and other information collected are used to see browsing patterns and statistical data and does not personally identify any individual.

No personally identifiable information is collected from you unless you fill out one of our sign-up or contact forms featured on our site, and that form information is only used by 1-Stop Design Shop. Your information will not be shared of sold to third parties.

Information that is collected through Google Analytics is used to create anonymous user reports of visitors’ activity. We use the results to better optimize and organize our site’s information and marketing to constantly improve our site to better serve and meet our users needs.

For more information about how Google Analytics uses cookies and other data collected please click here to visit this link on Google. You can also opt out of Google Analytics tracking without affecting how you visit websites by following these instructions on Google here.

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